Law Offices of Sara Elizabeth Dill

As a small business owner, I am always looking for the most value at the best price. But I also need things to run smoothly, effortlessly, and allow me to focus on practicing law more than running a business.

When I moved into Chambers, it was my second office, so I was familiar with looking for space and knew what I needed. I wanted this to be as hassle-free as possible. What I liked most was how upfront and open Chambers is about their pricing, options, and willingness to work with potential tenants to determine the best fit. Other similar companies would not even give me a price range before I walked in the door, notwithstanding my requests and statements that the office space could be out of my price range, and thus an in-person visit would be a waste of my time.

I was instantly impressed with the space, the personal customer service, and the options available. Also, the ease with which moving in occurred. Everything was set-up, I just walked in and was able to start working. The staff is always willing to help with whatever I need, and I’ve never felt that I was overpaying. My clients always have very positive things to say about the office space and how they are treated by the receptionist.

Chambers also is on the forefront of technology. My main office is in Miami, so I spend quite a bit of time there. Chambers is able to handle all reception duties, transferring calls to my cell phone, and making sure I can get my mail and faxes when I am not in Chicago. It has made working all over the country (and world) easy and allowed me to focus on my business.

I would highly recommend Chambers because of the high quality but also personal level at which they do business. Tenants are not simply a number, the staff at Chambers is truly dedicated to making sure that tenants have all they need to run their respective businesses.

– Sara Elizabeth Dill

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