Lavish, LLC.

Chambers Business Suites has been a vital resource instrumental in the launch and success of Lavish, LLC. here in the City of Chicago.  From their conception, Lavish was excited at the opportunity of relocating our offices to be housed at the Chambers Business Suites.  As a start-up company, especially in today’s economy, it is critical in keeping the initial investment and recurring monthly expenses as low as possible to ensure the longevity of your financial future.  Chambers facilities provide us an instantly recognizable business address in the heart of the city, in addition to a professional reception area to meet and greet clients.  Their conference rooms provide our meetings a stunning panoramic view of the skyline in addition to providing our guests comfortable contemporary furniture.  From a technological standpoint, Chambers seems to virtually have no downtime with their internet or phone systems, and everything has been smooth since our first day here in the office.  The management is warm and hospitable, and we are honored to be housed in such a gorgeous office space.

– Sharif Nassr

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