Chambers Executive Suites & Full Time Office Space

Opening a new office space can be a time consuming and costly proposition for any company, regardless of their size or years in business. Chambers Business Suites addresses both of these issues by providing professionally furnished office suites, equipped with state-of-the-art VoIP telephones, fiber optic internet access, administrative services and a professional receptionist without a large investment or a long-term lease agreement. As a boutique business firm which recognizes the operational and financial benefits of utilizing external resources to manage traditional, non-core functions such as office space and administrative services, Chambers is able to provide these services at a lower cost than companies can obtain through traditional channels.

  • Personalized Telephone System

    In a time when technology plays such an important role in business, one of the best ways to set yourself apart from your competitors is to have a friendly, customer-focused receptionist who can greet and assist your clients as they call.

  • Administrative Support

    One of the primary benefits of Chambers Business Suites is the full-time access to our administrative team at a fraction of the cost to hire a full-time assistant. Each member of our team is well-versed in all Microsoft & Apple products and their associated programs like Power Point and Excel.

  • Dedicated Meeting Rooms

    In designing our facilities, extra attention is given to the lobby and conference room facilities. For this reason, you will never see the Chambers name when you enter our offices.

  • High Speed Internet Access

    As part of the Chambers communications package, each client receives access to our high-speed internet connection. Each one of Chambers suite’s has full speed fiber optic connections running into the server room.

  • Mail Receipt & Delivery

    Many of our clients have built their business by projecting an image of success, which is often associated with a prestigious mailing address. As part of our Executive Suites program, our staff will receive your mail and packages and deliver them to your office each day.

  • Concierge Services

    To accommodate our busy clients, Chambers has built a dedicated department with professional concierge service. Whether you are in need of hard-to-get tickets or a limousine service to pick you and your client up at the airport, all you need to do is call the concierge desk and accommodations will be made for you.

  • FAQ

    Chambers Business Suites provides companies a low cost alternative to traditional office space. Whether you are a large company expanding into a new market or a new company opening your first office.