Opportunities For Brokers

Increase your Commission and Selling Time in 2011.


Dear Landlords and Brokers,

Today’s economy demands that you spend your time and money wisely.  Today’s brokers know the executive suite option is excellent for client requirements (short or long term) that are 5000 square feet or less.  Finally there are options in the market place for quick and efficient solutions.  The common challenges with already existing providers are hidden charges such as: phones, internet, kitchen fees, local and long distance calls, etc.  The new solution is simple, cost effective and “all in”.  This allows you to come in, satisfy your client’s demands and exit with a commission fee.

We at Chambers Business Suites look forward to demonstrating the fast and effective way to help your clients.  In fact, unlike traditional providers who only pay 10% commission (only up to 12 months) on just the office rental value, Chambers will pay on the total cost for the client and pay 10% of the total agreement.

Email us at info@chambersexecutive.com or call us at (888) 564-5640 to learn more or schedule a tour at our historic location at The Jewelery Exchange Building.  Our center offers a landmark location with exceptional value for brokers and clients.

We look forward to partnering with you.

Chambers Business Suites


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