Top 7 Things To Know About Working In A Cubicle

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1. Office Supplies Disappear

Office supplies will disappear. It does not matter whether it is the few good pens you keep on your desk, the stapler like in the movie Office Space, or the stash of candy bars in your drawer. Some popular theories include mice, an office prank, an angry boss trying to get your attention, or the ever-popular “the interns ate it.”

2. Be careful dealing with people!

While Consuela seams like a sweat innocent old lady minding her business and vacuuming the office late at night, for all you know she could be the reason your candy bars go missing. Oh yeah, and remember that joke you told Earnie? Yeah, the one about why men are better workers than women, well he went and told Sarah what you said, and looks like your going to get hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit. Lawyer up!

3. Assume The Worst

Prepare for the worst, and nothing can throw you off-guard. Even if projections, expectations, and profits are up, prepare for Robots invading your workspace and taking over. That way, when half the factory burns down and your boss is replaced by RoboJerk 2000, you will at least have prepared the emotional fortitude for the tough path that lies ahead.

4. Ignore Rumors

Heard about the impending round of lay-offs? Happen to overhear that the annoying guy sitting next to you might get fired soon? It may or may not happen, but the rumors have to come from somewhere.Either way, your job is to mind your business and do what you need to do and make sure you aren’t the one getting fired.

5. Job Security Is A Myth

Speaking of not getting fired, no one is safe, and everyone is replaceable. There always going to be someone who is willing to do your job better or for less pay.

6. Time Management Is Important

More so than software skills, more so than verbal communication, more so than any brilliant accounting techniques or innovative marketing concepts, the ability to manage your time effectively and efficiently will be the most important trait you have. Because if you cannot deal with multiple tasks with differing deadlines on a tight schedule while several people are providing other projects simultaneously, you will be replaced.

7. Networking

The best part of working in an office is networking. You will meet many different people, that can introduce you to other people, and so on. The more people you know, the better business you will do. You will meet people that can help with your business by doing favors for one another if you are friends. You never know when people come in handy for what, but it is best to be as friendly and meet as many people as you can.


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